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The AXIA Project is proud to announce that it will be working closely with fintech company Cardoro for the launch of AXIA Capital Bank’s new debit and prepaid cards. Cardoro’s solutions have proven to be both practical and accessible; a perfect fit for the inclusionary financial system that we’re striving to build. Cardoro is building the world’s first prepaid platform stack that counts on a growing base of card management tools with more than 200 API integrations.

AXIA Capital Bank will soon integrate Cardoro’s solutions for card issuing, card fulfillment, external authorization, card vaulting, processing and switching, as well as a cardholder portal. This will let users continue to enjoy the benefits of AXIA Capital Bank, which include up to 12% annual compounded interest and a variety of cashback and rewards programs paid out in AXIA Coin, in a portable and convenient way.

Partnering with Cardoro will also serve to expand the features in the AXIA Ecosystem and allow for members to use these traditional payment products in a far more innovative manner. The purpose of these cards is to make it easy for users to manage and dispose of all the benefits they’re receiving from the value creation properties of the network. As stated by our founder Nick Agar, “debit and prepaid cards are a great example of how individuals and businesses become familiar with everything AXIA has to offer in their day to day lives.”

Working with Cardoro is part of a series of strategic partnerships on the AXIA roadmap to build an inclusive financial ecosystem. Some of these collaborators include leaders in the fintech and blockchain industries that share AXIA’s goal of delivering constant value to users and banking the unbanked.

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