Be A Creator Of Value

Make A Difference With Each Transaction

Be A Creator Of Value

Make A Difference With Each Transaction

Conduct commerce as you normally would, but receive unrivaled benefits and rewards, knowing that your participation is creating value for yourself and others

AXIA Overview


From AXIA Cashback and Loyalty Point programs to asset tokenization, the AXIA Ecosystem is loaded with opportunities for you to receive benefits from just being part of the community.


Easy to use

Download the app and access your AXIA Wallet in a matter of seconds. Then, easily transact using your mobile device, payment card or email, eliminating the overly-complicated means of exchange associated with other cryptocurrencies.

Feature rich

The AXIA platform facilitates easy access to an ever-expanding set of applications that allow participants to receive and create value. With each transaction you make and application you use, you contribute to the network effect, thereby accelerating the value created for all.

Key recovery

AXIA incorporates enterprise systems and data encryption to protect users at all times from their keys falling into the wrong hands. System passwords can always be regenerated if forgotten, ensuring users that they will never lose access to their funds.

Free cold storage

AXIA provides dependable security solutions including cold storage features that offer multi-factor authentication to protect users in the event of compromised hardware or stolen devices, data redundancy, and shields against hacking risks – for FREE.

No gas fees

AXIA will ensure there are no gas fees for transactions for participants and users of the proprietary AXIA Wallet – unlike alternative options.



AXIA Wallet

The AXIA Ecosystem wallet, offering you unparalleled security, comfort and convenience

The AXIA Platform Is Tailored To

Meet Your Needs

Download The App, Select A Wallet Type

And Get Started

Individual Account

  • Continuous Creation Of Value
  • Benefits / Rewards Programs
  • Ease of Use – Global
  • Low Fees
  • Secure Storage
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Merchant Account

  • New Revenue Streams
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Access A Global Audience
  • Dynamic Loyalty Program
  • Lower Fees
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Charity Account

  • Enhanced Social Impact
  • More Effective Use Of Charitable Donations
  • Superior Technology To Help Those In Need
  • Volunteer Rewards
  • Access A Global Donor Base
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