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The AXIA Project is introducing an ultra-secure encrypted phone with never before seen benefits and rewards

As the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry continues to make inroads into the mass market, many have started to imagine a new paradigm for what the internet could be. Promises of increased privacy protections, changes to economic infrastructure, and new ways to create value have taken over the conversation. However, few have realized that the right way to build a decentralized internet is from the ground up. These solutions have to include hardware.

In this regard, AXIA is leading the way with the introduction of an accessible and secure smartphone. The blockchain-enabled device will come with popular features such as 5G connectivity, e-SIM functionality, near field communication (NFC), long battery life with rapid charging capability, a triple camera set-up with a 64 MP main camera, and a dual stereo speaker with surround sound.

Different from regular smartphones is its focus on security. AXIA’s one of a kind encrypted phone will count on key features such as TEE-based (Trusted Execution Environment) security zone data isolation, encrypted storage of sensitive data, terminal data channel encryption, and the ability to switch global networks at any time. All of these features are being offered to the public at a fraction of the cost of other devices that provide less in terms of overall security.

The phone’s most important feature, however, is its integration with AXIA’s ambitious ecosystem of over 17 applications. It will give users immediate access to services ranging from a decentralized digital banking platform to a privacy-focused search engine. All of which are part of AXIA’s participatory economy where users create value for the network through decentralized activity. The AXIA phone will act as an all-in-one portal to a truly decentralized internet and a democratic economy. One where participants are at once protected and receiving constant rewards while creating value for all AXIA Coin users.

As part of its effort to make these solutions accessible, AXIA Telecom, the telecommunications branch of the project, will also provide affordable international SIM cards. These will offer significant savings on phone calls, data, and SMS for AXIA community members without roaming charges. Moreover, these services will be offered without any contractual obligation by the end of the year. The ultra-secure phone will be made available exclusively online with a variety of monthly plans for individuals and businesses around the world in Q4 of 2021.

As confirmed by AXIA Telecom CEO Winter Liu “The new AXIA encrypted smartphone will not only give users the ability to communicate securely, but will also offer them savings on data, SMS, and phone calls as well as either eliminate or significantly reduce roaming charges; as it is designed to be accessible for everyone. The smartphone is a very simple device that gives people the means to connect with others all over the world safely and securely, bringing them together and empowering unlimited connectivity to transform our lives in the near future.

The project sees this as an opportunity to bring technology to impoverished areas, promote financial literacy, and provide users with immediate access to financial services. Having the AXIA ecosystem of applications installed on their phones by default will give these communities easy access to all the tools they need to communicate effectively and also develop innovative social and economic institutions that will help them grow.

Pre-orders for the phone will start on the AXIA Coin website prior to the end of July 2021.

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