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Many platforms have tried to integrate new and interesting forms of rewards for participation into social networks. Some platforms have embraced blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to open new doors for what’s possible for content creators, but have done so to mixed success.

AXIA has recently partnered with MadLipz to make this a reality. AXIA Coin will now be introduced to users of MadLipz’s fast-growing social network and welcome them into AXIA’s inclusionary new financial system based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

40 million registered global users are engaged with MadLipz every day to connect online, create and share 15 second videos with instant voiceovers. The social entertainment application has raised more than $671,000 CAD in pre-seed funding from Plug and Play, Techstars, and a group of angel investors. It produces over 200,000 pieces of user-generated content every day which will now be rewarded using our technology.

MadLipz’s success is partly due to its continuous addition of new and engaging features. Now, its community of content creators will receive unprecedented benefits for what they produce thanks to AXIA Coin. As our users know, our ecosystem is designed to distribute the value that’s created on the network through users’ decentralized activity.

Co-founder and CEO of MadLipz, Amir Alikhanzadeh believes this feature is sure to be a game-changer for the platform. “The combination of social networks and digital currencies is an important part of the future of both fields. We’re happy to work with AXIA to expand on what we’re able to do for our users in a way that guarantees that they will get to reap the benefits from the value they create on our network,” he said.

Our partnership with MadLipz is part of our ongoing collaboration with important projects that will introduce more and more people to our inclusive financial ecosystem. This way we continue to create value for our users. As stated by our CEO, Nick Agar, “The financial features of these networks should be a perfect entry point for users into a better economic paradigm and AXIA is here to walk them through.”

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