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Cryptocurrencies have been promoted as successful use cases for a unit of account and as a store of value. Stablecoin projects have exploded into the market promoting themselves as the ideal digital medium of exchange. However, the potential of digital money that utilizes blockchain and smart contract technology goes beyond a digital translation of the existing economic paradigms.

We envisioned AXIA as a blockchain-based platform that doubles down on the idea that cryptocurrencies can be built as entirely new forms of money. As independently developed currencies, they’re free to implement better, more transparent and efficient monetary systems. In our case, one that embeds a new monetary characteristic: Creation of Value.

With this in mind, we introduced a smart contract superstructure that directs value back to coin holders via fee generation and rewards. The use of automated smart contracts at the core of AXIA’s functionality allows for convenient and efficient features such as fee classifications and user categorization. Users of any of AXIA’s more than 17 applications are able to receive discounts, loyalty points, and cash-back in return for economic activity or other forms of contribution. More so, participants are able to generate value via decentralized network activity that interacts with any of these applications. 

Some of the most notable ready-made applications in the AXIA Ecosystem are:

AXIA Capital Bank: An all-in-one banking platform where users can securely hold, store, spend, transfer and receive AXIA Coin, fiat and other supported digital currencies.

AXchat: A communications platform for sending and receiving messages, calls, photos, videos and files, all while being able to transact with an embedded AXIA Wallet.

AXbox: A video streaming platform to watch, stream, and discover content that includes engaging social features and rewards within an embedded AXIA Wallet.

AXconnect: A social networking app that can be used to connect with people around the world and transact for free in a simple and secure all-in-one application via the AXIA Wallet.

AXmail: An email application that lets you instantly send, receive and archive your emails safely and securely with integrated access to the AXIA Wallet.

AXstore: A marketplace for products and goods from around the world with safe and secure transactions directly from a user’s AXIA Wallet.

This is what makes AXIA an alternative to both the traditional economic system and existing cryptocurrency projects. By linking a decentralized public blockchain to the accumulation of publicly reported digitized assets, AXIA has created a complete and expanding ecosystem to cycle economic value back to members of the AXIA community. As the strength of the community grows, so does the ability to share value across all users and connected ecosystem applications.

Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Telegram and join the AXIA Ecosystem today. Download the AXIA mobile applications from Google Play or the App Store.

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