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The AXIA Project continues its focus on creating a participatory and inclusionary economy with new regional expansions across the globe. Its digital banking platform, AXIA Capital Bank, will be extending its services to Asia-Pacific in order to further expose one of the fastest-growing regions in the world to the benefits of blockchain technology and digital banking.

On the expansion plans, Wentian Liu, Chairman of AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, emphasized that:“Asia-Pacific is one of the most active economic regions in the world, and there are millions of small and medium-sized businesses engaging in cross-border transactions daily. With the RCEP (The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) free trade agreement sealed between 15 countries among Asia-Pacific nations in November 2020, efficient and convenient global banking services are urgently needed. We are absolutely thrilled to provide banking support for local and regional businesses looking to grow internationally and shine on the world stage.”

Through its new division focusing on emerging markets, AXIA Capital Bank will allow members to take advantage of its pioneering offerings such as an interest program that allows users to earn 12% annual compound interest paid out daily and cashback rewards at over 2,000 brand name stores worldwide. All of these programs, as well as traditional banking services, will be available without any of the common issues found in centralized banking platforms such as high fees, slow transactions, and cumbersome interoperability.

Miranda Y, CEO of AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, added that:“As a pioneer of digital banking service institutions, AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific strives to provide cost-efficient, secure and faster banking services through technological innovation. We are devoted to serving personal and business banking needs in the Asia-Pacific region with a global perspective.”

As part of a broader ecosystem of decentralized applications, AXIA Capital Bank will also offer these communities access to over 17 applications, ranging from telecommunications services to a privacy-focused search engine, that provide users with constant rewards for their activity on the network. These are all underpinned by AXIA’s native asset-supported digital currency, Axia Coin (AXC).

The expansion of AXIA’s services into Asia-Pacific advances its goals of helping the world move away from the traditional fractional reserve model of banking and introducing a more decentralized and secure model. One that will help bring customer-centric banking to Asia-Pacific and beyond, under a model that allows users to create value and participate in it.

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